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A real life story about Dave McGarry and his willingness to pick on a lowly 350 Pontiac.

Once upon a time there was a Pontiac lover who was a good friend of mine.

He came to all of his car shows and drag races and enjoyed my

success. One day this friend no longer supported me.

He had gotten influenced in part by Pete McCarthy's Jan./1994 letter of lies claiming I was a liar and a hustler.

Pete's jealousy and accusations poisoned many people's better judgement about my docmented proven abilities.

So very sad. Are you one of these people? You should reevaluate your thoughts before an educated

V-8 boot lands in your "wha happend" arse.

I'm just a nice guy who makes great Pontiac power, having never done anything to poor Pete.(except give him "the boot.")

Copies of Pete's hateful jealousy driven letter are free for the asking.

You owe it to yourself to know the real dick of a person.

Sadly my "friend" Dave began attacking me on internet sites.

Telling people I was thrown out of a Buick club (?) for horrible reasons! (still unknown.)

(I never belonged to a Buick club.) Although I own a 1953 Super I'ver had since 1971. Also, even more sadly, other small minded people, maybe people you know,

also began attacking me in a childish cowardly way, hiding behind their keyboards. People that have never had one dealing with me.

Alas, ol' Fulper ventured on without his previous friends support.

Building and designing modern Pontiac engine combinations.

Combinations that have never existed before.

Combinations that for some reason made some people lose their rationallity.

McCarthy could never explain to his own legion of kool-aid drinkers how I

was making the kind of power being displayed by D-Mac the punk, Jim Trettel, Greg Gutnecht, and many, many others.

So Petey and Dave helped promote terrible lies by attacking me in my Pontiac Enthusiast columns.

They thought they were being sly, so very careful with their printed words, but still obvious to whom they're

refering to. IE: "Flow Bench Racers are dead" was just one of the sentences used by Pete, taken directly from

one of my ads. A sentence that never existed before Bruce invented it. An ad trying to educate people why dry air flow figures are not an

indicator of an engines performance potential.

My "company" cars, cars that had my engines, went on to outperform

his old friends favorite Pontiac hero - at every race. (Recorded.)

Bruces personal and company win column is long. (N.H.R.A. Recorded.)

Proof? So sorry you couldn't do better Mr. McCarthy. He "won" only one NHRA class race in his forty year "career,"

and even that was tainted by the fact that no one was in the other lane that day! That's right, it was a lone trophy pass.

Pete has zero personal racing accomplisments or any engine performance designs of improvement.

Because you won't find a THING he ever accomplished racing.

He did write a nice book that I made several contributions to. But after six revisions Pete removed

my name from the contributors list, further showing Pete's desire and intentions not to give simple credit where where credit is due.

(But my contributions are still in Petes book.)

My engines have beaten Jim Wangers cars fourteen straight times. Wangers and McCarthy run

a Pontiac magazine. Bruce's amazing accomplishments are irresponsibly not shared with their Pontiac readers.

Whatever happened to "Credit where credit is due?" It's called the Randolph Hearst syndrome. Oh well. Fuck 'em.

Fast forward to 11/02/02 and another Pontiac race.

I had a new janitor at the shop, Andy "this is your brains on Jack Daniels" Mitchell everyone calls him, (a drunk and a matter-of-fact two-faced punk that Bruce had to get rid of,)

driving their '72 Ventura street car that had the now famous - built for Car Craft "350 that ate the world" - installed.

Little did I know that "ex-friend" Dave McGarry had a plan that day. He thought it would be

"cool" if he could get me to bracket race against him. You know, separate dial-ins. This guy was hot to say

he beat a "Bruce engine" and was willing to pick on a 350 to make a personal statement.

But small minded Dave wanted a "dial-in race" and not a Heads-up race.

Winning a dial-in bracket race has no relevance to proving horsepower.

Even the boob Andy reasoned to McGarry that a 350 against a 474 stroker with ported heads ought to be a fair race - heads-up.

Frequent pleadings for a dial-in handicap race were refused, and

finally ol' 474's owners seething attack instinct decided to race the little 350 heads-up. A 350 against a 474.

We knew it could be a close race. Even if I lost. We'd still be proud of my 350.

It is amazing. My car number is 7164

Check this out.

Love that black billboard.

"The Total Rock & Roll Experince"


The Ventura is a true street car. It only has a 3:70 gear, full exhaust system,

working lights, everything. As it said on the front page, the excuses began after the

whomping. It would have been much nobler to congratulate Bruce on his

accomplishments. Right?

But no, again sadly these guys are stuck in the Jerry Falwell of Pontiac performances dark place.

They said the race wasn't fair because the Ventura had 10" slicks.

We now show you the 36 inches of tire on the 474.

Still think it was unfair?

It was a 350 against a 474 !

"We are the Champions" my friends.......

Shoulda bought a Buick Davey? Nice looking Tempest. Couldn't beat an 87 octane 350 tho'.


We design and build amazing Pontiac engines

See more dyno info about the 350 here

See more of 350 racing results here.

Credit where credit is due. Be careful who you listen to. The jealous haters are unbelieveable in their

irrational attempt to disregard all of the great things I have accomplished. Can't change facts. You do know that don't you?

I appeal is to smart rational people who want to go fast and not spend $20,000 to do it.

Update: 5/31/03 Seems the owner of this nice little Tempest has been harboring

ill feelings towards Bruce since he goaded us into racing him, then lost to our 350.

He angrily told us today that he was, and I quote, "humiliated," and he was no longer our

friend," (because we promote my engine building skills.)

That's what I'm supposed to do........

We're sorry his choice of engine builders couldn't build him a 474" engine

that could beat a 350, (well, MY 350,) But it was simply a drag race, not W.W.3.

Davey "friend" ol' boy, get a grip. Roll a big one and light up.

Life doesn't have to BE a drag. eh?

Celebrate that and you'll be happier too.

Like all of our engine customers.

See th' Car Craft article here (Cut & paste into the URL)