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This page is old but the performance is repeatable. Call me.

Mike Barran from Ohio has a sweet runnin' REAL Pontiac powered T/A.

A true street machine - not a trailered cream puff. License plate is hanging on the back.

Mufflers too.

Stock block. Stock crank. How many examples must we show you?

No need for "stroker" cranks to run this fast.

No need to use a "long rod" to run this fast.

And especially no need for a $3000 I.A. block to run this fast.

AND IT WILL LAST. Don't ge me wrong. I've got nothing against those new blocks. It's just 98% of you guys don't need 'em.

(And the majority of the "Pontiac" engine builders haven't utilized the new blocks potential anyway. 740 hp with 505 cubes? Suffering fools.)

I made 985 hp TEN YEARS AGO with a stock TWO bolt block and crank. Get a lesson. Don't be a kool-aid drinker.

What you do need is my heads, my cam, and the rest of the parts that make up the entire combination.

Call me at 909-844-1081

8/06/05 UPDATE

Running in Ohio this weekend, Mike's THREE year old FulPerformance engine with my Edelbrock heads using my latest Cathedral port design

picked him up from 9.40's @143 mph to a blistering 8.89 at 153. This is a STOCK suspension car, which hurts a lot more than it helps.

3225 lbs. With a good chassis he'd be a lot faster. But because Mike wanted to have a little fun with a certain "internet" racer from Florida

that thinks his "nearly but not really" stock suspension car should be considered the Quickest street Pontiac, Mike just showed him the way home on Saturday.

Stock 400 block. Stock 455 crank on three inch mains. Stock rod length. My heads and cam. Hey boys - No O-rings, No RTV filled heat crossovers, just Fel-Pro head gaskets and ARP studs.

(no copper head gaskets either. Ya listenin' Kowalkski? Mr. 4 tenths under for four years. I know you're readin' this cause you're looking for help.)

When will you learn what it takes to go this fast without a bunch of too-expensive Krap under the hood?

Latest ET slip coming soon. Way to go Mike! Congratulations.

No nitrous ET slip below. (This is a 2002 run)

And foot braking with a little nitrous? (see below - another 2002 run)

Look at the lazy 60' time! This car hauls ass!

This is the type of power our competitors DREAM about making.

Mike drives this car on the streets of Ohio. Go lookin' for him. He's waiting for y'all.