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The Chinese 4.250 cranks....And other new money wasters.

Originally this idea was to sell customers on the theory they're getting worthwhile stroke increase.

Fact is - these "big profit" cranks were terribly made and are causing many a Pontiac lovers a ton of money.

Here's the list of problems we've had to correct before using:

Rod journals up to a full .001 thou of taper.

Main Journals with a ful .001 thou of taper.

Stroke out by .015 thou.

Crank snout too large in diameter.

Crank snout lip in front of radius sticks out too far, doesn't allow balancer to seat properly.

The rear oil slinger sits back too far and impacts the block.

Above it's touching - Below we were able to hand grind approx .050 clearance

Some needed over 300 grams of material removed to achieve normal balancing.

Here's two examples

Even the untrained can see how much material has been removed.

All of this cost well over $700 dollars to fix. All for a $150 dollar super "deal."

Then, after fixing all of the problems we set the engine in the car - only to find out

that the area where the torque converter stub goes in was too small.

The crank had to come back out. #$%&! How'd you like to find that out the hard way?

Imagine the poor blokes that are breaking blocks, rods, and cranks all because

these cranks are coming off the boat as junk.

That's why the original seller pawned all of them off and now several vendors are trying to get rid of them.

To top it all off, there's not enough gain in power with a .040 stroke increase to sneeze at.

The 6.800 Chevy 540" rod is another scam to make an untrained enthusiast think

he's getting an increase in power. The entire idea was for some mechanically uneducated entrepeneur

to make money at y-o-u-r expense. No one with a 4.250 stroke - 6.800 rod engine is making any

more power than we can make with a stock 4.210 stroke and the stock 6.625 rod.

No one. Not one. What a fake out. "Gots to have me a long rod Billy Bob." " Why?" "Dunno. Sounds good to me."

Do you know what "sounds good to me" means?

It means you don't know crap about what you're refering to - and you're simply HOPING it makes a difference.

Right? Right!

Do NOT put one of these cranks in your engine until it's 100%

inspected by a knowledgable machinist - then fixed.


There are more new cranks on the market. Unfortunately whoever thought their design was good - was not thinking very well. Sounds Welsch.

Making a big block Chevy crank journal size, 2.200, FORCES you to buy a new set of rods. No manufacturer makes

a standard length, 6.625, rod to fit a 2.200 journal. I am simply amazed that ANYONE other than the pure uneducated salsman

would think this is a grand idea. THINK boys.....If you think you need a new crank - count on spending twice as much money for

GOOD rods. Sure, you can buy the dumbass heavier 6.700 Chevy rod, and the custom wrist pin height pistons to go along with it.

But if you simply want a new crank to use with stock Pontiac dimensions - you can't.

Here's another tip - Unless you want a 4.210 stroke (stock 455) to fit either a 3.250 dia. main block or a 3.00 diameter main journal block,

99% of you don't need an aftermarket crank anyway. Email or call with questions.