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One of the most often asked questions we get is, "Are the Edelbrock heads worth the money?"

When looking for max performance the answer is "Yes!"

Our ported Edelbrock heads are the main key to the amazing power I've created.

Since 1995 I've been making the type of power my competitors are today trying to copy.

And there's no comparison between cast iron heads and our Edelbrock heads.

There's not enough material to remove to make a cast iron head work

as well as our Edelbrocks. CAN'T be done. You'll hear all kinds of baloney from

the uneducated, but I've proven it in every possible way, at the track,

and in back to back dyno tests. We have the results to show you.

So when you wonder, "Are those heads worth the money," you need to call me up

so we can discuss the level of performance you want. If you don't need our

super efficient E-heads, I'll tell you so you can put that extra money somewhere else

in the engine that makes sense for you.

Never, but never ask, "What do your heads flow?"

Because the people who give you a "number" are masquerading as smart people. They're not.

They're full of crap. And to top it off , you don't even know what that number means!!

(Niether do the salesmen)

This year I wil be writing an article that will appear in the Pontiac club magazine

"Smoke Signals" that will expose this charade of "flow numbers" my so called

competition promotes. When this article appears you will soon

see ALL of the (so-called) Pontiac engine builders change their way of referencing their

"flow numbers"

We have NEVER talked about "flow numbers" as a way to sell our heads.

Yet our engines are the best performing tradtitional Pontiac engines in history.