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What's new?

We're still building the best REAL Pontiacs, not the overpriced aftermarket stuff that

is NOT our kind of Pontiac by any stretch of the imagination. Sure, we can build those too, but that's not

the point. If you want an aftermarket block buy a Bill Mitchell block and put a Pontiac decal on it. You'll save money.

It's no secret that we are now building many types of engines for people that want my kind of attention to

their details and want their engines designed by someone that actually knows function.

So if you feel you need an aftermarket block combination call me. Just remember that

the unbelievable performance we make with the original block is real. I.E. -

By now a lot of you have seen the new Comp Cams ad featuring

my Super Stock Firebird. To those of you that Emailed and called in Kudo's, thank you.

It's especially gratifying to be recognized by an organization like Comp Cams as the

quickest and fastest traditional Pontiac powered NHRA Super Stocker in history.

I've yet to see the ad as I don't subscribe. But if any of you would like to send me your copy.

I only want the copy with the updated 9.67 ET.

Send it to the shop address which is on the front page.

Recently Frederick Luthstrom in Sweden knocked off an 8.60 at 159 mph with my new cathederal port heads,

and he reports that the track was not in the best of condition. He says there's more left in it.

The MPH tells you that. They don't have many places or dates they can race over there. Glad I'm here.

I like racing too much to be limited to four or five events a summer. Frederick has

a stock block with my Edelbrock heads and cam in a street legal '68 Firebird.

A REAL stereet legal car - not just some ad hype like I've seen recently by JPB.

Can you imagine? Calling their fiberglass, no headlight, heavily

boosted tube chassis car a "street legal" machine. Can you hear the fishin' pole reelin' out?

I'm glad there's enough smart people out there that recognize what and who is real.

It's all that's keeping me in business.

And speaking of business. I am busy. Some of our recent King Street orders are from

Japan, Guatamala, and a casino owner from Vegas. We have five new sets of heads going to Europe.

And Greg XXXX is hiding his GTO from his wife while he brings me the engine to install our Eheads and dyno the engine.

Don't ya love it? Poor married guys!...Got to do what ya got to do.

Dyno news. Broke it. Gary Lanes new race 13:1 engine, another 455

with a 4.350 stroke offset stock crank and using a 270 dur. roller cam made 660

lbs.ft. at 4600 rpm and over 755 hp. Single 4 bbl. The ceramic seal in the water brake

decided to let go, which is more of a nuisance than anything. Didn't hurt anything

but requires a very complete disassembly to replace. Yippie. More work/lost time.

Gary will have fun with his new engine as he's hanging a 4 speed Jerico behind

this beast in a drop dead gorgeous black '66 GTO. Can't wait for him to get it together.

As I mentioned before, I am very busy, and because of that I have to change ordering

hours to 9 am to 1 pm. Monday thru Thursday. If you have tech questions or wish

to get started on an engine project call during those hours or Email me.

We'll talk personally when the time is right for both parties.