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Page two. Here's a couple of interesting King Street 455's.

First one belongs to Bill Rubbo. He's got a 4 speed '65 GTO

that has been sworn to duty. And that duty is to beat his

sons hopped up Mustang GT. Now we don't know what the son

has hiding in the trunk, or under the dash, or maybe in

the air cleaner. But we understand if he isn't hiding something

from dear ol' Dad now, he soon will be. Wait til he sees these dyno sheets!

Bill wanted to use his 66 Tri-power unit. Oh we go again.

I decided to first use a 850 Mighty Demon and a Torker II in order

to make sure it was broken in properly before installing the highly modified TriPower unit.

Tri-power intakes are a small runner dual plane design. This design on a highly

efficient large cubic inch engine resembles a cork in a bottle. (Just about.)

It simply cannot feed an engine like this as well as a larger runner dual plane

like the very good RPM intake, or a single plane intake like a Torker II or

in case of a big roller cam engine a Victor manifold.

After getting a decent baseline with the 850 and the Torker we installed the Tri-power.

Below is the Chart that goes with the graph above.

584 hp and 595 lbs. ft. torque

Remember, don't get lost with our 1000 hp race engine capabilites and go "what happend?" This is a tractable

street car and is cammed to provide a lot of fun, (see that torque?) See that torque curve?

Nice. You'd LOVE to have this engine in your race car, let alone a daily driver.

That's why this series is called King STREET. Streetable doesn't have to mean

driving a drag race engine on the street anymore.

Bills Tri-power had been ported sometime before it got to us. It also had been milled.

But his carb's had minor work. Different jets and two small holes

in the center carbs butterflies which is the old trick to try and get

a carb that's too small to idle with a large cam. With some advice

from my bud Sean Murphy who used to be the shop foreman

at the Carb Shop, and now has his own shop, I modified all three carbs

to the hilt.

Could the modified Tri-power hang with the Demon and the Edlebrock?

Well check this out.

Still got that great torque curve!!

What a surprise. It lost a tad on the horsepower, but I know we could have

leaned it down more and made more horsepower if we had more time. There's no A/F numbers

because Westech doesn't have three two barrel air hats. There's a lot

left in this tri-power. I guess it's no surprise considering Robert Cooper

from Iowa made his '65 GTO run 10.20's with a cast iron Tri-power intake

and a hydraulic cam 455- five years ago! My ported Edelbrock 72cc heads of course.

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