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RapidJet is not here!

BoLaws in Florida owns them now. Louie has passed. R.I.P. buddy

I will leave this page up so you can appreciate his incredible contribution to super quick, complete, spill free, fuel curve changes


"One minute leak free jet change"

Never remove your float bowls again. The safety factor is !!!

These are called mertering plates or metering blocks.

This metering plate or metering block allows you to change jets without spilling fuel.


It's much more than that.

You can change you're entire fuel curve in a snap too.

RapidJet has redesigned the metering block.


Simply screw in the removal tool.

If you lose this, a bowl screw has the same threads. So you're never without a removal tool.



As you can see, the jet is on the end of the cartridge. You can change the jet in your hand, OR -


Popping the cartridge in upside down into the mertering block makes it easier to work on.

It's designed to work that way.

Holleys need no modifications. Demons need the bowl dressed open to remove cartridge. Small dremel tool works. Easy.


RapidJet Key Chain Removal tool. Hardened washer removes jets.


Fits Holleys too. Here's a stock 3310 with RapidJet metering blocks installed.


And a modified 850.


One of the beauties of the design.

The cartridge carries the emulsion holes, the power valve restriction,

and the idle feed restriction.


The two smaller holes in the middle are the emulsion holes. The larger hole at the bottom is the power valve restriction.

Turn it 180 degrees and you have.......................


the idle feed restriction.

You decide what size you'd like each restriction. You decide how many emulsion holes, where they're located,

and their size. (IE: two on top, two on the bottom, three along the center,)

You can change the entire fuel curve by simply changing cartridge.

Now for the great part. Based on your information we will help you with hole sizes. After testing if you feel you need to change

your fuel curve, you recieve with the purchase of each RapidJet metering block a certificate offering a one time exchange

for Shipping Costs Only !


If you wish to keep your original cartridges so you can easily get back to square one, and/or you simply want to experiment,

you also have a one time offer to buy another set of cartridges

for 30% off retail. As of today, 7/22/08, that's approx $17.50.

Very affordable.

And again. YOU can chose the sizes. Each cartridge is marked with a legend.


It's a snap to relate to the legend................see below.


So the above cartridge MVF2 is: M =.036 idle/transfer restriction. V = .060 power valve restriction. F = emulsion hole diameter. 2 = equals the # of emulsion holes.

Laminated Legend comes with kit.


Cartridge pack. You can see the legends are clearly marked on the packages.


RapidJet blocks come in four styles. Marked A, B, C or D.

"A" block pictured above. Used for primary side, and if you have four corner idling, you'll need two "A" blocks.

"B" blocks are for mechanical secondaries without four corner idling.

"C" blocks are for Vac Sec secondary side. No accelerator pump.

"D" blocks are for Vac Sec that do not have Power Valve cavity.

You can run a single RapidJet block on the primary side. Using a RapidJet block on the seconday side is optional.

See jets peeking out. One of the surprises I've seen during testing that is not a design feature, was

the fact that every block tested increased power by 8 to 12 HP over a stock block.

While wondering why, it appeared to me, as you can see in the above picture that the jet and

of course the .213 inner diameter of the straight cartridge allows more fuel to flow with less restriction.

Let me know what you find.


Ever try to adjust the metering screws while the engine is running? Especially on large cam engines.

The RapidJet blocks have a cross slotted metering screw making it very easy to use a small phillips or wide flat blade screwdriver.


RapidJet mixture screw is a Phillips design in order to keep the screwdxriver in place while the engine is running.


For hard core off road use. Kits also come with stainless steel screw-in hold downs.


Price $149.00 plus shipping

Only available from Rock 'N' Roll Engineering

You recieve one block, gaskets, two cartridges, keychain removal tool, hole reference legend, steel covers. Jets not included. Takes standard Holley/Demon jets.

Mail check or Money Order to:


12210 Michigan St.


Grand Terrace, Ca. 92313

Email inquiries to:

No credit cards.

More pics click HERE.

N.H.R.A. approved for the following Classes:

E.T., Super Street, Super Gas, Super Comp, Gas Dragster, Nostalgia Dragster, and Pro Modified.