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Most of these pictures were taken by my good friend Rich Underwood,

who's guitar playing history included playing with Chuck Berry. Rich is still playing for a living today in Akron, Ohio.

It's called Rock 'N' Roll Engineering for a reason.....Here's a picture of my Dad.

Well, he's every REAL rockers Dad. Including Led Zeppelin, Allman Bros. Eric Clapton.

I call him "Dad" out of great respect. This is my most favorite picture. That's why it's first.

Wille Dixon

"It don't make sense when you can't make peace" Willie Dixon

And listen to the man drive this bass line:

At the end it sounds like a freight train at full steam. R.I.P. Wille Dixon.

HELP NEEDED: I'm looking for a copy of Willies song, "There's no pie in the sky whe you die." Record, video, anything .Thanks.

Here we are with B.B.King in Cleveland.

That's Keith Phillipi next to B.B. and my old band mate Vinny Goldthwaite

Meat Loaf at his first gig in Cleveland. Yeah, this is OLD! (and a great party backstage.)

Funny guy! Ever hear of King Crimson?

Previous Crimson member turned solo artist Adrian Belew.

Mr Hot Rod Lincoln himself, One CRAZY mother, Commander Cody from the Lost Planet Airmen.

That's Vinny again and Rich Underwood.

I wonder if Joe Walsh still has the rare Pat Boone "Howdy" album I gave him?

Did ya know Chrissy Hynd from the Pretenders had a brother that rocks?

Terry still plays in the most successful untypical blues band in Kent, Ohio for the lasst 45 years.

Band name? 15-60-75 We all used to jam at a place called J.B.'s. We'd get together after

our respective gigs ended and sometimes play til dawn. Wild stuff.

Check out my band at Blues Alarm! on Facebook

Come back and visit a spell, more pictures to come.......

No kidding - this was a VERY good night! What a moustach ride this was. Mmmmm....damn good memories.