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Ultimate magazine bullshit

Pontiac Enthusiast magazine recently invented a list they called "The Top 11 GTO Drivers of all Time."

(issue Nov/Dec/2003)

As a publication rampant with an inability to give credit where credit is due, (ever seen any of our great accomplishments featured there eh? Never.) this latest glad handing list of "GTO drivers" takes the cake. Why?

Well, they listed Pete McCarthy - who never won a NHRA National or even a Divisional race

with someone in the other lane in his life. (But he used to own Pontiac Enthusiast magazine.)

One , yes one, lone trophy win catapults this bag 'o' hot air to P.E.'s "All time best" list. (WTF????)

After knowing McCarthy personally, and being the only person that drove his

'67 GTO to its only win, (yeah, that's right, me, ) he often talked about his lack of

ever winning - anything - anywhere. Of course P.E. listed Pete's '69 GTO

as a reference. Which further serves to sink his self serving "Guru" trip because that was an NHRA Class car.

Typically one doesn't run a class car at local bracket races.

One must ask Pontiac Enthusiast what criteria they used to make "One of the top 11 BEST of ALL time."

Hopefully their listing of the "GTO Tiger" (#10) relates to the original real Royal car. Not the current bracket race

promotional vehicle that can't outrun our 350 Pontiac. Touche'.

You can only pull so much wool over the publics eye you dopes

The truth here is P.E.'s omission of real GTO race winners. P.E. might better

serve their public, (if they're allowed,) if they do a little homework. See below:

The only GTO in history to win at Pomona. click here In 1994 Art Peterseon became the first

and so far the only GTO to win at the fabled track.

A quick look through some files shows another NHRA national event winner, David Rampy.

Anyone that has more results from REAL racers that should be on the list - not the Mchot air balloon list - are welcome to list those winners here.


"Tired of the bullcrap!"

"Real drag racing is Heads-up Drag Racing"