Here's a picture to show you a good way to crate your engine before sending it to us. The 2x8's sit under the oil pan and are nailed to the pallet. (Everything is nailed.) Two on each side, 1/8th thick, 6" long, 1" wide metal straps are drilled to accept the stock motor mount bolt, the other end goes through the 2x8 and is secured by 3/8ths bolts, washers and nuts. This keeps the engine from tilting off the 2x8's. You don't have to go to quite the extent we do, but we finish off the pallet with inexpensive garden fence to keep prying hands away from the engine."


We clean all parts. Then magnaflux rods, crank, block and heads. Blocks have the main bore line honed and the decks squared. Rods are resized with ARP bolts. Main and rod bearing clearances are blueprinted to our exacting tolerances to ensure long engine life with proper oil pressure. a Hydraulic cam custom picked by Bruce to meet your goals and will be properly degreed with a new true double roller chain. Bruce's cams are ground by Competition Cams. Oil pump is a R.A. 4 unit. TRW Forged pistons with moly faced Seal-Power rings. Rings will be custom file fit. This adds longevity and horsepower.

Crank is turned, polished and main and rod bearing clearances are blueprinted to our exacting tolerances to ensure long engine life with proper oil pressure. Crank oil holes are chamfered. We use Clevitte 77 bearings. Rotating assembly. is completely balanced.

Heads receive hardened exhaust seats, competition three angle valve job, high flow stainless steel valves, honed guides, not knurled or reamed, surfaced for flatness, Teflon p.c. seals on intakes and exhausts, correct springs for cam, new locks and retainers and 7/16 ARP rocker studs. Comp Cams roller tip Magnum rockers recommended, (add $130.) New pushrods are included.

Fel-pro gaskets and brass freeze plugs are used. Also, your distributor is recurved if necessary. The engine is completely assembled. We DYNO all engines to ensure a 100% break-in, this allows Bruce to super tune the maximum power from the engine and further break-in will not be necessary. You will recieve DYNO sheets from your very engine. Not some generic "build sheet" DYNO copy. You can not get that kind of super tuned performance and price satisfaction from anywhere else.

Price for DYNO is included in our basic $4450 rebuild.

Here's how.

You provide the following stock parts: Carb, distributor, intake manifold, valley cover, valve covers, oil pan, windage tray (if used,) timing cover, water pump, balancer, flexplate or flywheel, all related bolts, nuts and washers, (although the ARP engine dress up kits are a nice alternative to stock parts.) Stock plug wires are used, unless customer wants something else. Bruce's experience with quality control and familiarity with the Pontiac engine have made us the most trusted name in Pontiac engine rebuilding. Of course, variations are available. Bruce will personally assist you, preferably through E-mail if possible, then a phone call to finalize the order.

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