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Tyree's has passed in 2016. RIP

I had a fun time in the year of 1996 when he ran my engine in his Tempest..

08-23-06 Trans Am Nationals Drag Race

Cut and paste the URL below to see the results form the 10th annual Trans Am Nationals Drag Race:



Saturday August 1st, 1998
Pomona Raceway, CA

Happy Birthday Jess. Sixty Five years Young
Happy Birthday Jess. Sixty Five years Young
Jess and His Wife Patty
Jess and his (shy) Wife Patty. (She'll kill me when she sees this)
Good ol' days reunion. Former A/FX `63 Tempest driver Tom Schlauk middle, joins Mike Lieby and Jess in the Pomona pits. Mike has been with Jess since `64. He built the chassiss' and maintained all of Jess's engines in the fuel funny car days.
Jess and Mike were very pleased with Bruce's 730hp at 6,000 RPM and 680 ft/lbs at 4,000 RPM. Trans Problems kept the car in the 9.40's first time out. (1.66 Diameter Exhaust Valves) Engine went on to make almost 1000 hp on nitrous when Bruce was done with it. (Still with the 1.66 ex daiameter.) Learn something people......quit listening to non performing dillweeds.

Another Sunny Southern California Day at Pomona Raceway. We had a great turn out

Mike checks the lash on the beast.
Sure looks good with Bruce's intake and F.I. setup.

Ken Ondrejko got his 455, 4 speed, 4.10 geared, 4,000 lb `61 Catalina sedan with Edelbrock heads to go 12.08 at 114mph. No roll bar. He doesn't want to cut it up. Can you blame him? Paul Wustrack is in the `69 Tempest
1965 GTO belongs to Al Tomac. "Bad Mr. Blue" faired well for it's maiden voyage. A 9.5 CR 400 with a home made tunnel ram and a RRE Solid lifter cam. Went 12 flat spinning the tires. Dan Egan is driving the 98 T/A.
Ken McDaniel's ten second `65 LeMans chases Rick Crofts El Gato Grande `64 Catalina. The LeMans was clean and fast.

Brian Mangano won
Best Reaction Time with a .501

Dil Brandows `66 GTO "Thunder Chief" was de-mothballed for this special event. He ran low 10s until the converter blew. Glen Gibbons Altered Wheelbase `64 broke out by .001.
Glen Gibbons family took best appearing with their "Pouncin' Tiger" altered wheelbase `64. Cool Car, check out those front spindle mounts. You'll be seeing more of this car next year at Nostalgia events around Arizona and California. Car was featured in HPP. Magazine pictures were taken at this race.
"Icky dirty Eddie Forsyth" in Bruce's old anti-prepared '67 Catalina wagon (whats a dial-in?) mows through another round defeating Mike Foley in his '69 GTO. Eddie has been a terror on the west coast. He used to work part time at RRE as "Chief Clean up-em"

Kevin Kantz's Red '98 red lit in the first round against eventual winner Brains Mann's '77 Firebird

"Ahead Ed" listens to Martha Stewart on his Deluxe AM radio before the final round. Look at those NHRA Event stickers. This guy's a pro. A pro at what we're not sure of yet. Nuclear blast left photographers shadow on the door. (Beer fart.)

Two stock Pontiacs made it to the final. Brad goes after "Dusty Eddie". A few minutes after this picture was taken the win light came on in Brads lane (Just kidding Brad.) "Slimey gooey Eddie" said he lost the race due to the 4mph head wind.

Bruce pays E-ward. Ed sez says the C note wouldn't fill up the 75 gallon gasoline ballast tank in the back of the Catalina Wagon. No kidding, the wagon is now in Holland.

So I gave the money to Brad. Ha! Eddie was happy with the beer.

Seriously, Congrats to Brad Mann for being da "Man". He waded through six rounds to take home all of the bacon.

Dennis Macpoopoo went 9.04. Whomp'em Wagon was held up at the chassis shop and didn't get finished for '98. The best laid plans eh? Oh well. We all do the best we can. Everyone enjoyed Jess Tyree. We had a ball. HPP failed to cover the event as promised but used pictures of "The Pouncin' Tiger" from this event for a feature! HPP editor Tom Demauro is NOT a man of his word.