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Last Update 04/04/08



No time for paint. Fired up nicely. That CompCam solid lifter cam on a 106 lobe center sounds REAL mean.

I broke it in for 30 minutes at 2200 rpm. The Innovate o2 sensor failed so I had to use

what's called the air hat - which is usually accurate. Late Thursday night I made one wide open pull.

While watching the A/F column it suddenly went wacko. I didn't stop the test. I had to have some kind of numbers.

Those are my special dyno valve covers. I hook an electric vacuum pump to the back of the left one.

As the rpm's climbed it kinda went lean.....but using good gas, (C12) nothing was hurt. So...

The calculation of the power numbers are not affected by the air hat coming unplugged.

This is with stock jets for an 850 speed Demon and 35 degrees of timing.

475 hp and over 505 lbs. ft. at 4500 rpm. At a little over 11.0Cr. and stock ports

it's a swell little beast with lots of potential.

Well, I thought these would be real cool to put on the first free RRE Pontiac engine.

But, like so many things GM does, these things don't fit worth a damn. In fact, they won't

fit anything but stock rocker arms. Why? See bulge below.

So I swabbed on some - Called it Darth Vader meets Rock 'N' Roll!

Like that Who's your Daddy? haha...

This is going to be fun.

I had these old Cal Customs polished a long time ago. Figured I finish detailing

them and use them someday. Well, they're not detailed but they'll do.

Guess I'll just have to give those new PONTIAC valve covers away at Kil-Kare too.

I'll bring jets and new plug wires in case if the winner decides to install it and run it at KilKare

I'll stick around and help.

See you at Kil-Kare. Over and out.

Update - Big Tiki Steve won this engine - it has propelled his 4400 lb. 1976 Catalina to 12.20's ! He's very happy. Four years later and it's still hauling ass.