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Bruce here: Sometimes I have such good luck - which is to say when you work towards a goal

you have a chance of meeting that goal. This time, five years of work, R&D and luck = success.

I won Super Stock Class at Indy. (Place many exclamation points here.)

Pictured is the holeshot I put on the baddest GT/DA car in the country.

This car has been the class record holder on and off for five years.

I had set my sites on beating this car a long time ago. Got to have a goal.

This is what a .03 hundreths of a second holeshot looks like.

I won Class at Indy. I beat the baddest car in my class.

I'm not through yet.

Found this pic of Jim's car in an ad from earlier in 2004. I've got all of the respect in the world

for him and his power making abilities. Jim had sold the car to P.C.Richards

just two weeks before Indy. Jim brought his new GT/CA Cavlier. An unbelievably beautiful car.

If Jim would have been driving would I have been so lucky? It was just my day.

What could possibly spoil our celebration. I didn't make it home in one piece.

Read this:

On the way home from Indy while travling downhill at 65 mph on I-44 in Missouri

an 18 wheeler hit rear ended me so hard it folded the back of the trailer, destroyed

the race car and my three week owned 1990 F250. It appears the truck driver fell asleep although we can't prove it.

He told the officer he couldn't see the BIG WHITE TRAILER WITH REFLECTIVE STRIPS AND LIGHTS ON IT.

Cop looked at the big white trailer and said, "You couldn't see that?" He got a ticket.

The impact was so great that it bent the seat I was sitting in. Cop figured he had to be going

close to 100 mph to cause that much damage. My back is

severely sprained and I have major soft tissue damage in my chest, groin and spine.

X-rays showed no broken bones but I'll be going for an MRI to see what's wrong.

My blood - pressure was 210/180. Needless to say I need to attend to my health. I'll be sending letters to all

of my customers as soon as I know what's going on. I've waited to say anything until

I talked with an attorney. Good news is the driver worked for a large insured company.

So no one will lose any money. I'm very sorry for the delays this will cause my customers.

I will post pictures of the wreck if and when my attorney says it's ok.

I hope to get enough money to hire someone I can watch over to help get production done.

When and if that will happen is up in the air at the moment. I will let you all know

as soon asI know. Again, I'm very sorry. And yes, I have a lot to be thankful for.

It could have easily been much worse. Look at this....

My Reese reciever. It used to be straight. Good piece of steel, huh.

Imagine the necessary energy transfering thru the 30 foot trailer before it did this.

I'm good for about three to four hours a day until my back hurts too bad to stand up.

All I can pray for is patience and quick healing.