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Reality is much more rewarding than myths and rumors. There are, unfortuneatly, many hateful lying people in our Pontiac world.

They post lies about me on the internet in hope to affect my business. If at any time you have a question before buying

an engine or heads from me call me. Being succesful in this Pontiac world causes some people to lose their tiny minds.

But they cannot........change reality.

Also, when I see problems or people using weird stuff I'll always intervene to help.

Understand my intentions are to HELP all Pontiac engine lovers to make their combinations more efficient.

The best info is at PontiaceEngines.com

Our place is found at www.PontiacEngines.com
That's it.

Can you overtighten a rod or main bolt and reduce clearances? No.


~The Edlebrock D-PORT heads are here~

Don't want to change your headers or exhaust manifolds but would like to add 130 hp or more?

Ported, deburred, select stainless steel valves, correct springs for your cam $3200 a pair. And they're two pounds lighter than previous E-heads.

Quick turn around. Round ports still available. The BEST.

Email address is at the bottom of this page.




2/14/2013 - I've been made aware there's a discrepency on my "Stock" engine page link that the base price

says $4450. That pages was made in "Frames" years ago and I haven't learned to edit it yet. Please know the base price for the

special offer 400 low compression 400 hp / 460 lbs. ft. street engine is $6400. Necessarily soon to increase. Call before the price increase. Thank you.

Main Page Rock & Roll Catalog Frequently Asked Questions Performance Results Pontiac Racing Events Calander Race Results Pontiac Links About Rock & Roll Engineering Order Forms

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If you put a Chevy eninge in a Firebird don't be surprised when a Pontiac guy calls it a Camaro.

If you put a Chevy engine in a GTO don't be surprised if a Pontiac guy calls it a Chevvelle.

Just saying ~ Don't be surprised. All in good fun ya know. :-)

~ ~


We're SCREWED. Thank the hillbillies.

Within the last year the inexpensive good 3" main 455 chinese cranks have been dropped from production. Why?

Brcause so many people have been duped into buying the overweight 4.250 kit. Which means you can no longer simply

buy a crank for your 400 block and use any piston you want. With the 4.250 KIT you MUST BUY their piston.


If you simply use the stock 4.21 stroke you can use ANY 455 piston, and save money, and have a better, smarter combination.

I need you to COMPLAIN, and ASK your dealer for the standard 3" 455 crank. It's the only way we can get them made again. We need lots of people

asking ALL of the big suppliers for this crank. At first you'll get lots of lies and bullshit about why the crank is no longer available. Trust me,

I've been digging for a year to find the truth. The chinese will make anything as long as there is a dollar. I can't find the source yet but I'm looking.

Of course my problem is I've never had enough seed money for big investments. But if we get enough requests we just might get more made.



LONGER TO GET. CALL SUMMIT, JEGS, AND ANY BIG DEALERS (not Pontiac salemen who are already selling "Strokers" ~ They don't care!) AND MAKE A REQUEST TODAY.

Camshaft Checking - Know your lobes

If I can keep my head from bending my spine too far thus succumbing to the tremendous suction coming from my backside the goal is to get all of my work done sooner than later. I need to pay for good help. (A good helper) Plus to try and keep the ever disappearing money trail flowing. In order to help out I thought I'd re-offer my cam checking services. I own one of the most precise camshaft lobe checking machines on the market. If you have an old cam and want to know what it is I can tell you what it is. Depends on how weird of an engine it came from. The cam fixture is limited to cams approximately the size of our traditional Pontiac V-8 or smaller.

You can always check lift and duration with a degree wheel. But if you want to be laboratory accurate and measure every function of the lobe,(all of the lobes) and also see if the cam was made accurately or damaged, I will provide you with pages of data.

Price is $40 a cam plus shipping. Any type: Solid roller, Solid Flat Tappet, Hydraulic, Hydraulic Roller.

Why is it called Rock 'N' Roll Engineering? click here


Bruce Fulper plays Ritchie Blackmore



Ram Air Five heads !!!

Wow! The "NEW" head that was NOT designed by Lynn McCarty is a great working high compression head. It is NOT a RA5 copy.

Just becasue some old engine part is now made of aluminum does not mean it's worth a crap.

If you're new to automotive science I'll make it simple. The original R.A. 5 heads were junk. They were a terrible design and never

made any more power than any other high performance Pontiac head naturally aspirated.

If for some reason you think you need to spend $30,000 dolars to go BRACKET RACING, then by all means buy them.

Not sure who you're going to impress. We prefer sactioning body engine rules competition here. Not unlimited proves nothing cash bleeding.

You can win a $10,000 Bracket race with a $200 dollar car. What's the point.


King of the Blues guitar contest winner - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bM042Rws4PU


SAVE YOUR MONEY - so you can buy your Fulperformance engine - click here:




Politics stink - But a necessary part of your life if you want to see a better world for your kids.

When wondering if what you're hearing is true, I urge you to go here for the truth. http://www.factcheck.org/

Face facts - to be a good American you need to keep yourself informed. You do that by NOT listening to

talking heads like Faux News. There are people voting that cannot speak about a single issue.

"It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning." Henry Ford

Don't think Fox News is deceiving you? Read this - http://www.relfe.com/media_can_legally_lie.html

"If you don't vote you're a moron" I agree - click here






Four out of three people have trouble with fractions.


Eva Cassidy is/was the best singer ever. For my lost love -http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=inj8D8rZMjA&feature=related

And this one too......


Want to know who makes me weak? Listen to her....


Click on allof her YouTube video's.


"Political Correctness is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical, liberal minority and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media,

which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end."


I have something for everyone. Even those that enjoy inventing lies about me - read on - Randy Vandergrift is a jack axx - read my reply @



Who needs a god damn hemi headed Pontiac? What a waste of time and money.

Too bad the advertising Pontiac "salesmen" knowledge pool is so stagnent.

Yes, it's true. Some yah-hoos are selling a hemi head for a Pontiac. Why? Why not learn how to make a regular port

work BETTER and sell THAT? Are ya seein' a trend here people?

(cricket sounds here)


Nice launch Jeff.

Jeff Chandler from San Diego just checked in with his "Fulper'formance" 455. Eighth mile first time out 7.05 @ 97 mph.

Nice street manners. Flyin' heavy mother ain't it? Yeah!

Heads up Pontiac racing - DEAD.


Sorry ass information (exposed and corrected,) CLICK HERE

Brian Crone finds out how Hot Rod magazine sucks. They do a mini-feature on his car and

omit my name as his engine builder. Brian and I win. 4200 lbs runs 9.91 !! Click here


Craig Ferguson is one funny guy. Click link below



Our 9.67 run by Dave Kommel - wow!


Wish to have an online discussion with me? Go to: http://www.pontiacregistry.com/members/viewforum.php?f=63

Just like the front page, click on any UNDERLINED word to go to that topic.

I used to own this dragster. I found it in a garage in Long Beach back in the '80's and was lucky enough to locate Wayne King

who used to drive it. Wayne has since restored it. Check out their site at: http://www.dossclaytonkingtopfuel.com/DossClaytonKingTopFuelDragster.html


Click HERE to see complete Bruce Fulper interview


Got to love those old Drag News ads. This one is from Ja., 12, 1963. Guess you've got to be "older" to know who these guys are. Eh?


Congratulations to the ARMY team again!

Alan Johnson, BMF, and Matt Hall celebrating win number five, and four in a row!

Les Welch photo


People are always asking me how I'm doing, which I appreciate very much. Nothing much has changed with my condition tho'.

Scheduled for surgery as soon as I can take two months off. In the meantime I'm working as much as I can. Stop by the shop and say Hi!


I see there's more DUMB forged cranks on the market. Don't forget - you cannot use a stock Pontiac

rod size or length with them. Unbelievably stupid. Click on the FAQ button and find the Chinese crank topic.

Got some great news coming.....

New carb mod that will change how everyone tunes Holeys and Demons....this is killer!

Is it fuel injection? I'm not allowed to say......yet......

The kings of rock - Deep Purple.

Check out the opening acts.

Where were you in 1973 ?.......Cool B.

POCI is dying fast. I hear there's a new president. Maybe there's hope afterall.

(AND click here for the 4/14/07 preview review of the new Six Shooter from Barry Grant. New carb pics )


Fair - Heads-up Pontiac event racing is Dead


Pontiac Engine builder stupidity - ask questions people!

EMERGENCY!! Traditional block tubes are no longer being made. The block tube is the tube that fits into the block for the dipstick.

Don't throw your old one away! Until someone remakes this item do your best to save yours. I usually have good luck

using a 1/2 square piece of steel approx ten inches long. You must lay the end of the square flush with the dipstick end,

then give it a hard whack with a 2 pound sledge. No pussy hits like some of my previous employees. You can't be afraid of the hammer.

WHACK it HARD. Once you manage to drive it up to the hole in the block, use an old head bolt. It fits perfectly to slide it

through the hole in the block. Lay the bolt on the block and tap the tube out. You see the end of the tube that fits into the block is larger,

and once it's been pounded in that end gets smaller. No worries on reusing it. Just mix a small batch of JB Weld when

you reuse it. Let it set up over night.

If I could I would make some. Need money...! Don't we all.

The most incredible run in NHRA history. Did you know? Tony Schumachers Alan Johnson

tuned Top Fueler had to win Pomona, AND set a new ET record to win the Championship. He did it, on the LAST PASS!!

4.42 is the record and the Championship is theirs. Right after the win I caught up with Alan.

(and the party was on.)


Cut and paste the URL below to see the results form the 10th annual Trans Am Nationals Drag Race:



8/16/06 - Brain Crones TORQUE DAWG

FYI - 2006 NHRA Division Seven Stock Eliminator has had four races to date.

All four Stock winners have been r-e-a-l Pontiacs! Looks like a Pontiac could be the division seven champion if this keeps up.

The winners are: Leo Glassbrener, Scott Burton, Tibor Kadar. Leo won TWO meets! Great driving guys!

TRAIN WRECK 1967 Pontiac style


Paul Dilcher wins Stock Eliminator! Sponsored by RRE - Paul takes home the moola.

See Pauls NHRA Firebird Stocker HERE.

"Wrecks to Rags" - how to spend $46,000 on a '71 Tempest to make it look like a '70 GTO (and never will be a GTO)- did you see that TV show? oh MY what hoot..!!....

No pics - just wondering if you saw it. More unbelievable crap. How'd ya like that 470 hp 467" Streeroker engine? Make 'em look nice - who cares how they run. duh.

ZZ Top & me - well, that's just plain cool.

Cannonball competitor - 100 mph for how many hours?

Pontiac Engine builder stupidity - ask questions people!

BACK IN STOCK - those super thick (5/16ths) cork valve cover gaskets - yippie! Only $24.00 a set.

12/22/05 unbelievable combination click here

Subtle. Style. Sharp.

Have the top engraved too. Custom placed hose bibs, AN fittings, vacuum lines, available at extra costs

On polished heads they look even better. $335 a set. Comes with one screw-on oil fill.

Mickey Thompson's blown firebreather. See something you've NEVER seen before? Eh? C'mon smart guys....

First one to email with the answer gets $20.00 bucks.

Not a Pontiac but a cool pic of a "new guy." Taken at Pomona 1960

THIS.....is cool. An old fart like me might say, "You had to be there," but this picture does a pretty good job

conveying the power. No doubt about it, these were great days......1965.


Still waiting to get last years T/A Drag race pics....sorry....@#$!!!

Mike Barren stuns 'em in Ohio. Street car runs quicker than most drag only cars 8.89 @ 153 mph

Aftermarket crank warning. Think about this before you buy.

Another Welch Mitchell-like screw-up. You might say, "End exhaust bolt too long?" I'll fix it mate!

Guess what this block is! Win a new T-shirt.

R.I.P. John DeLorean - The creator of the GTO and many innovative mechanical designs.

Without him there never would have been a GTO.


Can you help me find an old friend? Click here

Trans Am Nationals 2004 coverage (click here.)

If you didn't already know, Sept, 5th I was rear ended by a loaded 18 wheeler doing 95 mph.

6/17/05 UPDATE

Physically I'm a little better. Still dealing with muscle spasms, a pinched nerve in my neck, and FINALLY the chest pains have

been diagnosed as a severe contusion where the top ribs meet the sturnum.

As I look at Dennis's rig below I'm remindedof the similar Kenworth that smashed into me.

Imagine that rig hitting you hard enough to push a loaded

30 foot enclosed trailer into my truck to do this:

(My trucks rear bumper)

It boggles my mind that all of that bulk, moved this far forward in a fraction of a second....my race car is trashed.

Obviously I'm grateful to be alive. The biggest downside is not having enough money to hire someone to help me in the shop full time.

I'm happy to be able to do what work I can - I plug along seven days a week. I hate pills.

As always - the most important thing to me - is a job well done. I apologize for any delays this has caused.

I sure didn't ask for this. It is what it is.

DeeDee will be answering the phone Tuesdays and Thursdays. I can't answer the phone as often right now.

I need to keep busy doing what I can in a day before the pain drags me down.

I don't like being messed up. This really stinks. And it's a blood pressure tap dance.

My Doc says close the doors and go lay on the beach for six months. (really, she did.)

But I got bills to pay - (I had no health insurance.) Be a couple years for the lawyers settle up I figure.

Keep the humor and good faith coming. I need it.

Thanks for understanding.

New FAQ's. Learn the what's important in our modern Pontiac performance world.

Click on the EVENTS button above for the 2004 Trans Am Nationals Drag Race update.

August 2004 - busy as busy can get.

3000 hp Horse and Buggy - or just horse poop?

Your Pontiac engine is Not Worthy says Popular Hot Rodding

Comp Cams ad and other cool news.

Todd MaChad - Testify brother!

Our 9.67 run by Dave Kommel - wow!

Good thang from the Winternationals - Meet Paul Dilcher

OLD STUFF is cool stuff. - Where's Doug Robinson?

Finally - someone guessed who the four famous racers are! Who won? I'll tell you soon.......

PHR's 2003 Engine Masters contest proves we're still the leaders in modern Pontiac power.

Dark Horses - PHR magazine cover car ~ REX GIBSON'S '68 FIREBIRD CONVERTIBLE

HOT ROD magazine gives away a free Pontiac engine. update 12/05/04 Click here to see who won. Surprise!

Eagle eye, click on Race Results2.

Type This In - - http://www.carcraft.com/techarticles/98359/

How about the first 400" door-slammer in the sevens? Click on: Eat your heart out!

Just when you thought you'd seen everything.....

Who's this COOL GUY? click here

Ohio Street Cleaner - Mike Barron

Top Eleven GTO drivers? Not.