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My old friends. People sure love ya when you GIVE A GREAT ENGINE AWAY!!!



Brad Spidel bringin' it

Out eighth year was destined to be the coolest ever as the Grand Prize was a

complete ready to run custom $9000 dollar 400 inch / 475 hp engine.

Yeah, you could have won it for a $45 dollar entry fee. But, the weather forcast scared

a lot of people away this time. It rained for 3 days up to the event. But the Race gods like me I think.

Although it was raining all around Ohio that day, Saturday morning the sun came out, and stayed shining

until just one hour after we were done. Isn't that something? Then the rains came, and it rained so hard

we couldn't load our car for five hours. In the meantime, we had fun!

Click here to read about the giveaway engine build-up

Everyone recieved a new Barry Grant cataloge. Thanks Barry!! (Who's the cutie on the left?)

Gene Gabbards 10 second ultra rare '62 factory

Catalina hand origionaly built by Deloreon himself. (Zeke Deloreon. hahaha) Gene made it REAL nice, and fast.

He uses my profiled solid roller cam built for me by Comp Cams

Dave Hillards hard charging '67.

Barry Simpson came from Canada - Sweet T/A.

David Cummings super straight 1963 S.D. look-a-like. Ran low 11.20's.

Jason Jones '79 T/A 400. Ran 12's. Almost beat the eventual winner by "this" much.

Mary Beth Hess and her wild ten second '66 GTO.

Vince Lashers stocker ran low 14's.

Jack Gabbards super clean '74 GTO in usual butt kickin' form.

Steve Adams ultra clean '67 ran mid 12's.

Forgot to mention, Jack won P2 class over Mary B Hess.

Here he is picking up his Pontiac Drag Sports plaque. His left hand is trying to put the giveaway engine in is pocket. ha!

Only two cars entered P3 - unlimited class - KilKare announcer William Tharp

in his all electric rent-a-blender strapped a .501 light and a dead-on 18.10

to send Mike Barrons nine second T/A back to Cleveand. Mike protested.

Said Tharp had "electronics." heh, heh...

Bob Attick 2000 Grand Am takes on Mike Filson.

Brain Swain and his 69 went three rounds. Lost here to P1 winner Barry Simpson.

F body heavy weights duking it out.

Jeff Chandler and his 389 powered Tempest ran low 13's. Strapped a .512 light and a .34 on a .33 to trailer Mike Filson.

Jim Heller brought his gorgeous GrandVille. Ran 10.60's.

(eighth mile) hahaha....

Larry Jones goes quicker every year. Let him tell ya about it. Big goat is in the 11's now.

Gary Lane drove his sons 55 pickup with a 400 for power. Mrs Lane remained nervous. All ended well.

Clark Depas - another TUFF '67 GTO. Love it.

Brian Swain ended Patrick Rays day. It was Patricks first ever drag race. Was he nervous? nawww...!

(he had fun tho'.)

Here's Patrick again, he had a .50 light in time trials. Got th' bug good now.

Mike Moores GeeToTiger taking on Gene Gabbard in time trials.

William Tharp receiving the P3 winner plaque. It came with a 9 volt battery.

He was racing the rental cause a Moose jumped in front of his T/A just the week before.

Moose, frog, Something like that. I forget. Either way, his car got wrecked and we're here to have fun,

so I let him run the Norelco.

Brian Nichodemus won the F-body trophy (it's huge) just minutes before the 7 day tropical rains came.

It doubles as an entertainment center. I told you it's huge!

Dean Cummings in the '72 GTO takes on Roy Hess Jr.

Daddy Hess, Roy Sr. launches nicely. Yep, that's right. Hess family has three '66 GTO's.

Whatd'ya think they buy each other for Chrsitmas?

(c'mon Ma, I need an MSD box.)

don't you love the torque....

Here's my little buddy that drew the winners outa the box. I'm calling the engine winners name here.

I read in a Pontiac engine article last year that the articles builders like to blow their

engines up to, and this is a quote, "Find the weak spots and fix'em." (?) Here's the new procedure caught on film.

Blew the claimed "totally street legal" Tennesee plates right off it. Golly, what a mess. I don't use this "procedure."


Steve Jung did. And what a happy guy he was. Says he's putting it in his sons first drag car. Father/son project.

UPDATE: Steve has gone 12.50's in good air with this little ol' 400. Total race weight? Steve says 4200 lbs. and change.

Here's the first pic Steve sent me. Making believers out of the non-believers.

Pop is having a ball. Although he hasn't said anything about his son driving it yet....( ! )

Hey Dad! c'mon!

--- More race winners ---

I think this is Barry Simpson. Please email me and let me know.

Or is THIS Barry Simpson? Where's Terry Knight? Name gatherer fell down on the job. Mark! hahaha.

I like this one. Got to get a Pontiac in it. MORE PICS TO COME!