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THE NEW SIX SHOOTER (is out of production)

Well gang - here 'tis. I was number 4 on the list, they were supposed to be shipped last APRIL.

It arrived today - 1/19/07. ...


Overall volume increase is noticable. See comparison to a 1966 cast iron unit below.

Look in the cernter pass side throttle bore. Ledge will be deburred. Here's a closer look.


This is the second bolt hole from the front. As you can see over one third of it goes up the radius of the port runner,

which won't allow for a washer or bolt head to sit flat. Either a spot face or careful grinding will be needed here.

Two bolts in the back are close to the runner too.

This is the rear on the intake. Six Shooter kit comes completely disassembled.

Center carb. Looks pretty cool eh? Yes.

However, as a "tuner" (I almost hate saying that. Sounds like a Honda lover,) anyhow, if you want change jets at the track.......

Do you see a problem?

With all of the linkage and factory fuel line hooked up it would take a while.....

That's why you might opt to use three spearate inlet nipples like I will on the dyno.

I do like that venturi shape.

Comparing against a1966 intake: I will be flowing these and I'll pour them to get a volume comparison.

This is my standard Edelbrock head porting template. (800+ hp version) It appears there's some core shift as my template was blueprinted to

a factory dimension which aligns each intake to my heads ports. Typical. All Edelbrock intake have core shift. Also,

I will never be able to port to the top of this template as you can see. It would leave less than .030

of material at the roof. This is the front ports.

This is the rear two. Good news there is room for some porting. Enough to make a worthwhile difference

on the right size engine. (Like a King Street 455.) This is going to be fun.

You all know it - there is going to be an unoffical contest to see who can make the

most power with one of these. Whoever gets into a magazine will be hyped as the new guru eh? hahaha. assholes.

Nice air cleaner top. Thick cast aluminum. Not thin tin crap.

Sixer runners are .050 wider and .100 thou taller than the stock 1966 manifold.

Runner shape is nearly identical. Small changes with room for improvement.

Minor casting flash in throttle bore. Easy clean up here.

I kept all of the boxes. I figure the origional boxes will be worth $100 dollars 20 years from now. ha!

Carb pics to come later. Didn't bother to open those boxes yet 'cept to make sure there were three in there. 250 cfm'rs.

Maybe they'll end up on Brutus eh? This '65 is my replacement for the red '71 Ventura some English gob-wad made off with.

After I'm done testing I might sell the BG trips if somebody makes me an offer I can't refuse.