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Another Groundbreaking achievement

661 hp on pump gas.

When Pete McCarthy told the world that Bruce Fulper lied about his low compression

400 that appeard in the January 1994 issue of Bracket Racing USA, little

did he know how foolish his accusation would become. Bruce's 400 was real and was inspected many times by others.

He's a hard working Pontiac "scientist" if you will. His 500+ h.p. 9.2 Cr. 400 test engine he built right out of Chaffey College's Advance Engine Design school was very real - and kicked some very real ass.

But because Pete couldn't stand Bruce's success he made a fool of himself by writing a letter full of lies and sent it to anyone he thought he could influence.

Unfortunately he DID influenced a lot of small minded people.

Fast forward to 2002.

Bruce's ongoing work on these pump gas engines has led him

to another amazing, very real, achievement.

Before shipping the engine, the owner Steve Tinsman let Bruce run his engine in the RRE company car.

Steve and Tom Tinsman from Austin Texas wanted a stout

street engine. I had been pushing the compression higher and higher

on my Edelbrock headed pump gas combinations and decided to go

a little further this time. 11.43 Cr. In California the highest pump gas octane is 91.

To be safe, Bruce mixed one gallon of 100 with seven gallons

of 91 to bring the rating up to 92 according to Union 76's mixing chart.

On a 100 degree day in the Palmdale desert, with the uncorrected

altitude setting at OVER 6000 feet, here's what Steve's 428

ran in the company street car. 3:70 gear. Full exhaust. 3400 lbs.

These are the two best passes made that day last September.

The chart at the top of the page shows the corrected power figures.

Of course the uncorrected figures are much lower. But, at an altitude

over 6000 feet, with the temperature over 100 degrees, the engine was making

enough power to record these ET slips. So when Petey boy or other negative no-horsepower nerds

says, "Those guys are bragging about corrected dyno numbers,"

Say, "No, they're bragging about E.T. slips running the same day at the same track that

your 11 second wanna-be ten second Super Stocker ran!"

Talk is cheap. We don't guess about "maybe's."

I'm proud of my accomplishments.

Let's talk about that. Plain and simple.

Here's Steves bird. With the King Street 428 in place

and at a much lower altitude Steve has already gone 10.71 at 127 mph.

Steve runs straight 93 Texaco pump gas. In case you're wondering,

all of these passes were made without nitrous. Do yourself a favor, never

doubt what I tell you. He's only interested in the facts and

building the best Pontiac engines ever.

While the torque isn't as high as a 455 King Street, the rod stroke

ratio and the lesser swept volume allows the 428 to pull a little horsepower

at a higher rpm than a 455 King Street on PUMP GAS at 11.43 Cr.

There's a lot to learn here. The engine on this pull was still rich. The 12.5 A/F

ratio average indicates the engine was still rich, but the dyno day was over

and the engine was broke in, ready to go play. We should say, ready to

go to the track and be tuned by Bruce in actual weather conditions.

Actual weather conditions produce UNcorrected numbers. ( eh! )