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The fastest traditional Pontiac Powered

NHRA Super Stocker in history as of this date 2004

9.67 and 136.07 mph.

Set this benchmark Over FOUR years ago and no one has done better yet. Lots of whiners tho'. huh....

Left ticket left lane = 9.67. Right ticket right lane win was close. First actual 136 mph.

(2/29/04 - This an update from the previous post when I put up the 9.67.)

Well, gang, we tried our best but bad luck was the order of the day. While getting ready to run

for the third round on Sunday the clip that holds the starter gear on the starter broke.

This gear left the building......

The solenoid sent the gear flying out from under the car.

I was three pair of cars away from pulling out of the staging lanes and staging the car.

My helper had walked to the starting line and didn't know I was unable to fire.

A friend jumped under the car and started to beat on the starter thinking that the solenoid was sticking.

So I have to take the high road and be happy that I ran the fastest and quickest

runs ever made by an NHRA traditional Pontiac powered Super Stocker. Yes I'm proud of that.

And I actually nailed down a real 136 mph pass too.


This is what's real. No other so-called Pontiac "expert" - currently advertising - engine builder can hold a candle to us.

Including any uneducated thiefs that used to work for me.

They know it and you'll know it if you try to find any evidence of their attempts. All you'll find is unsubstantiated claims.

When you want the smartest guy to help you make killer REAL Pontiac power - give me a call.

I'm the fastest and quickest Pontiac powered N.H.R.A. Super Stock Pontiac ever.

#16 heads - 750 Q-jet - 100% NHRA legal.

Ever wonder why NONE of the advertising Pontiac engine builders don't come to the NHRA playground?

Or for that matter, none of them compete in ANY organized national competition that has limited engine rules?

They can't make any competitive power per cubic inch like I do.

Wonder why their so called aluminum "wide port high flow heads" at "400 CFM" can't compete

against our 300 cfm Edlebrock heads? Anyone can bolt on a blower or other forms of BOOST

and force feed an engine to make power. Duh....

How efficient the engine is with a carb is more important to 99% of us. Key = efficiency.

Don't get me wrong - blowers and turbo's are cool, but the performance they make must be kept in perspective

when bragging about horsepower. 9.67 @ 136 mph. And I'm still doing research for more power.

Best Regards, Bruce Fulper