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Pontiac Racing Events Calender

Done......too much work.

NOTICE ~ ~ This page is old news. I just left it up to show some of the fun times we had.

Cut and paste the URL below to see the results form the 10th annual Trans Am Nationals Drag Race:

2006 event is coming. 8/23/06

Great prizes - lots of fun racing for everyone.

Gift certificates for: Comp Cams cams, Ram Air Restorations X-pipe, and oh, nothing...just a set of Pontiac Edelbrock heads!

$35.00 dollar entry. All tech card holders/participants eligable for prizes.

UPDATE 7/26/05 - F-body club of Dayton is going to host two special classes - HEADS-UP ! (yippie!) and a girls bracket class.

The HEADS-UP class buy-in will be paid to Tom Ritchie after you pay the regular entry fee at the gate. 100% payback. Now THAT'S fun.

Check these folks out. Nice site and helpful bunch of racers.

The same regular three classes will be in place. P1 - all T/A and Firebirds.

P2 - all other Pontiacs. P3 - Super fast Pontiacs - all electronics, run what ya brung.

As always, NHRA safety rules in effect. If you don't know - ask me or get a rule book before you go to tech.


Saturday, August 28th, 2004 -

Comp Cams and Barry Grant present:

a $9000 engine giveaway!

Click here for pics of 2004 results

Click on underlined sentences to read the various assembly components. And don't

forget to scroll all of the way down thispage too. Many engine parts pictures.

Bit by bit.....

Crank, rods, here

Heads? hmmm click here.

Its the 8th annual already. Can you believe it? So read up and tell your friends. This year the Grand Prize

is a complete running 400" engine. That's right! I will also give away LOADS of Comp Cams cams and other

very cool stuff - as always. Entry will be $45.00 for car and driver. $10 for Spectators. All you need

is a tech card to be entered in the drawing, which you can only buy the day of the race.

I'm building an ET beast. Elapsed Time. How do you ET quicker?

You begin by lightening everything you can, and that means

rotating parts in the engine. The lighter the parts you can hang on the crank,

the quicker the engine will rev to it's useful, highest, potential.

I used to wonder what to do with my recent 400 Super Stock pistons.....

What other parts are going into the Beast? Keep scrolling down...

If we have a good turn out this year - next year maybe I'll bring a 428? 455? A 450 hp 326?

What do we consider a good turnout? A minimum of 125 entries.

What's a Dykes Top Ring? A super sealer that last a long, long time.

More detailed answers to questions like these

will be in my book. The one that needs finshed now! Get a pen, write this down......

What heads? Rods? Race gas? Pump Gas?

Hmmmmm. Might look like this one eh?

Yes. It will. Because,......

I've added a Speed Demon 850 yeah!

COMP CAMS comes aboard. I'll be using a custom solid lifter flat tappet Thumpin'! profile.

We'll be using their full roller rockers, pushrods, timing chain and the latest solid lifters made especially

for Pontiacs. Man,....somebody is going to get a nasty mutha. Oh yeah, I started working on the heads tonight. (?)

To use a worn out phrase but still worthy - Stay Tuned.

Tired...but done!

2003 results page. Click here to see.

7th Annual Trans Am Nationals Pontiac Drag Sports Drag Race

Pontiac winners invade Dayton

So you think you can walk off with Bruce Fulper's Pontiac Drag Sports coveted top prize this year? These guys did. Who are they? Great Pontiac people! (Their names are below) You've been building that Pontiac to go fast. Come on out and try you're bracket racing skills. Have some fun and take on all comers.

Pontiac Match Race Lovers Madness. We're just here for FUN! All bracket classes remain the same as the last six years. Do you want a heads up F-body class? E-mail Bruce and vote. All it takes is enough interest.

Gary Pund racing Ernie's TEN SECOND '75 Cat. Help! What's Ernies last name?


Kil-Kare Raceway, Xenia, Ohio

20 miles east of Dayton, Ohio.

Motels Close to Kil-Kare

Best Western, Xenia Ohio


Econo Lodge, Alpha Ohio

937-426-5822 or 1-800-424-4777

Holiday Inn, Downtown Xenia Ohio



All Pontiacs welcome to race in our two bracket catagories. P1 = T/A's, Firebirds, Formula's, etc. and P2 = "All other Pontiacs or Pontiac powered vehicles.
Entry is only $25 dollars to race. Kids under 12 free.

Classes just for T/A's, Firebirds and Formula's etc, and another class for all other Pontiacs. Pure stock to all out race cars, all models welcome to join the bracket racing fun!

Cars with electronics will be grouped together for a total of three classes.

Cash and prizes by Rock 'N' Roll Engineering and Kil-Kare Raceway. Kil-Kare is the hookin'est track in the mid-west. D-Mac set his all time best E.T. and 60 foot time at Kil-Kare. This track is really nice. Lots of grass and pit space.

It's always a fun day.


1997 winners and runner ups.

(I haven't updated the '98, '99, 00, 01 winners cause I'm learning how to web edit.)

P1 - T/A/ class

Jason Snowden, Moraine, Ohio. 91 T/A Dialed a 14.44, cut a .514 light, ran a 14.45 to beat Alan Borke's Strongsville based, '77 T/A that dialed a 11.49, cut a .537 light, and ran a 11.42 at 109 mph.

P2 class - All Pontiacs

Iam Davies from Worthington, Ohio won with his eleven second '71 GTO when Todd Filson in his eight second 1923 Pontiac Altered red lit his chances away. Filson had been deadly on the lights all day, and figured to be an easy winner but pushed the tree a little too hard when the pressure mounted for the final round and cut a .498 r/t.
(.500 is a perfect reaction time everyone strives for. Practice, practice, practice.)

2002 winners!

Drag race winners and runner-ups were: In the Trans Am F-body class we call P-1:

Dustin Hollingsworth - 1996 Firebird dialed a 13.90, had a .695 reaction time and went 13.95. He lost to Bob McDaniel and his 1979 T/A who dialed a 11.80, had a .546 reaction time and went 11.88 for the win. Dustin won the coveted Pontiac Drag Sports Monster Trophy for being the F-body that went furthest in competition and was also pre-entered in the Trans Am Nationals car show.

Our P-2 class which is for “All other Pontiacs,” was won by Jeff Allen in a ‘70 GTO. Jeffs 12.01 on a 11.97 dial bested Steve Boos who drove all of the way from Oklahoma City just for our race. Steve had a better reaction time, a .569 to Jeffs .581 but ran a 11.78 on a 11.65 dial.

Our P-3 class which is our “fast class,” was won for the sixth straight year by local track champion Gary Ferguson. Gary has a 1923 GTO. That’s not a misprint. That’s what he calls his 455 powered roadster.

He beat Steve Lockerby who ran a 9.71 on a 9.70 dial, but was caught napping with a .622 reaction time. A .500 is a perfect reaction time. A .499 is a red light. Gary had a not so good for him .598 r/t and ran a 8.95 on a 8.93 dial.

These six finalists will receive free entry into next years drag race!

Special thanks to Brandon Vivian for bringing out his One Lap of America 1978 T/A. Brandon and his brother competed in this very special race that took them through twelve states and over 5500 miles in one week. They competed against mega dollar teams and expensive cars like Ferrari’s, race Corvette’s, etc., Almost every kind of high performance vehicle made competes in this special competition. Beautiful car. The sixth annual Trans Am Nationals Drag Race at Kil-Kare Raceway in Xenia, Ohio has come and gone. What a ball we had this year. I’ve always enjoyed drag racing, and since the inception of my Pontiac Drag Sports series I started at L.A. County Raceway in 1990, I’ve organized and sponsored Pontiac-only drag race events every year since. The events have been so successful that some of them have actually been pirated by enterprising businessmen. That’s the “too serious” crowd which taught me to “have it in writing.” I do it for fun and very little profit. It’s a chance to meet with friends and customers back east and have a fun day together. We also help guys tune their engines too. Besides the bracket race classes we present something very different or interesting for the spectators and racers alike. This year we brought our company street car, a 1972 Ventura. The same car we won class at the POCI national convention with this year. What was so special? The engine in the car belonged to a customer who was coming to see it run.

Dennis Ryncarz wanted to buy his son Dennis Jr. a strong 455 for his Firebird. Dennis Jr. had been diagnosed with cancer, and at twenty years of age his future was somewhat uncertain. (Although I can now report it’s in total remission and he‘s as healthy as a horse.) As a coincidence their engine was being finished in July. Our Kil-Kare event always falls on the last Saturday in August. So I had an idea. I called Dennis Sr. and asked him how’d he like to see their engine make some quarter mile passes, in our car, and, at the end of the day we could pull it out and they’d take it home. (They live in Ohio.) Being a trusting soul and having faith in our engine building abilities, Dennis thought that would be just a super idea. Not only were we going to dyno the engine to properly break it in and tune it, we were going to show our confidence by treating the engine as the Ryncarzs were going to treat it. Race it. Put it in a car. Floor it. Shift at 5500 rpm. Smile a lot. You might think, “Race a customer’s engine?” What if it breaks? Our engines don’t break when they’re treated right. We simply have that much confidence. If it did? We’d replace it. Period.

I first took it to Pomona Raceway for the NHRA division seven race the second weekend in August, then two weeks later we loaded her up and headed for Ohio. Pictures from Kil-Kare will be posted soon.

You can see the big smiles from whole Ryncarz clan. Dennis Jr. was stoked.

When we got to the track I announced what we were doing with Ryncarz’s engine which prompted a ton of attention. Everyone came over to talk to Dennis Jr, look at the car, and look at the time slips. Andy did the driving that day. We made five time trials. And that driving mad man Andy made it to the fourth round where he got a little anxious and red lit. How did it run? How’s a totally legal street car with 3:70 gears using 87 octane pump gas running 11.20’s at 118 mph grab you? That’s a medium sized street cam Not a strip only cam. It’s what we call our “King Street” series of engines. The “Street” means just that. Totally streetable.

By one o’clock we were finished racing and ready for the trophies and prizes. My races offer a unique chance for all entered racers to win the biggest prizes. All tech cards from each racer is dropped in a box. It means you can look forward to winning something useful even if you lose in the first round. All you need to so is to buy a tech card. Maybe this will catch on at other events too. You ought to recommend it to your local club. We usually have a youngster come up and draw out a tech card. Sure makes it more fun for everyone. And that’s what I like. Everyone having fun.

This year’s drawing winners were: (If your name is misspelled let your wife or girlfriend fill out your tech card!) Brian Barkey and Rick Robinson - a 12 pack of Bud. (I told you we have fun.) Jay Pistana, Gary Pund and Jason Farquer all won a custom Comp Cams cam profiled by me for whatever combination they want. Larry Jones won a hand made Pontiac 2003 calendar by Eric White. Andy Strauss won an aluminum dual quad tunnel ram intake manifold. And the top prize, a $750 dollar complete cylinder head rebuild and upgrade with our custom valve angles and stainless steel valves - any head of your choice - was won by six event attendee Roy Hess. This was the first time Roy won anything. He even entered five cars once trying to win a set of our ported Edelbrock cylinder heads. A few of the racers evidently left early and missed out on the drawing. I always keep their cards and print their names so they know what they missed. This years post race no-shows were Mike Lemley, Tom Lange, Collis Edwards, Scott Scheel and, Bill Gonzalez.

We’re thinking about having a heads-up class for next year. Feedback should be sent to my E-mail which is or Click on EVENTS on our web site for next years information. It will be updated by the first part of 2003. Thanks to all who came. We’ll see you next year.

Your friend,

Bruce Fulper

More to Come!