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Look at the date on the dyno sheet



    Original Parts Group catalog cover car. Tom Foster (r.i.p.) restored his stock four speed 1970 Judge with a Bruce Fulper engineered and built RA3 400 engine. The engine was converted to low compression for today's gas using custom dished forged pistons. Stock appearing right down to the Q-jet carb, intake manifold, #12 heads, d-port RA 3 exhaust manifolds and that famous GTO sound, this 400" tiger runs 13.00's at 102 mph. On today's super low octane pump gas. It's still running great today.

    Besides designing old high compression engines to run on todays pump gas and make more power than new, Bruce has standard low compression engines (8.2Cr.) that are brand new in design. Below is a dyno sheet of a 1978 220 h.p. smog 400 engine using unported 6X heads. Contributing to Bruce's design are his custom valves and valve angles and his custom profiled Comp Cams 230-ish duration, .510 lift hydraulic roller cam. Also the engines are broken in on Bruce's old SuperFlow dyno. Topped off with an RPM intake and a 750 Speed Demon carb, this engine runs on 87 octane. Look at that torque curve. At 3000 rpm it's already made over 445 lbs ft, and it stays above that number until 4700 rpm. Peak torque is 470 lbs ft. Horsepower peaked at 5100 rpm. Quite an increase from 220 hp. This is a low dollar daily driver combination that's exciting to drive. Reasonably driven, expect 15 to 16 mpg with this combination and in a 3500 lb car can turn high 12 second ET's. We can build, dyno and crate this engine with your core parts, adding the parts listed above for as little as $5800. Ready to bolt in and enjoy.

Bruce has re-engineered all Pontiac high compression engines

to run on todays low octane gas and make more power than when new. yes, MORE THAN WHEN NEW.

We're the ones that have pioneered these methods - and if you don't rebuild your GTO or other early

high compression engine our way - you'll lose efficiency

and power, plus run the risk of prematurly wearing

out your engine. We build engines - and build them right.

Click here to read about our rebuilding details.