King Street-108

super parts list.
800 hp at 5800 rpm
823 ft lbs at 4800 rpm.

I build AWESOME, HUGE, mind blowing torque

See the King Street 455-87 octane page here

455 block and new crank
4340 forged steel rods (American made quality)
JE/SRP street strip pistons.
C&A or Total Seal rings
RRE prepared Edelbrock heads. 72cc versions and 108 octane needed for this. 11.5Cr. or an,
87cc version for 700+ h.p. 87 octane version 10.5Cr.
Custom profiled Comp Cams by Bruce solid street roller cam. .600 lift. Easy on valve springs.
1.5 Harland Sharp rockers.
Custom H.D. p-rods
True roller T-chain.
Victor intake
850 Speed Demon
MSD distributor.
Valley cover - aluminum- needed for roller lifter clearance.
150 hp Nitrous Works bolt-on plate system.



By comparison, a 150 shot is easy on a stock engine. Using these high quality parts ensures a long engine life under normal conditions. As you can see, this combination never needs to go past 6000 rpm to have major fun. This is what makes Bruce's King Street combination so reliable. If you want more power consider this: Greg Gutnecht used a 500 hp fogger systems on his 87cc head 455 for three years without engine failure. His King Street R&D engine was making nearly 1000 hp.

All other peripheral parts, timing cover, valve covers, optional at customer request. For new parts prices see our on-line catalog at
or e-mail Bruce for a quote.

Prices for complete and dyno'd engines depend on customer supplied parts, block, crank, etc., or if no parts supplied, range from $8000 to $11,500. We need 50% down to get the job started. With the high demand for these killer combinations expect lead times starting anywhere from 2-3 months. So place those orders now if you have a spring or summer deadline.

Complete, Dyno'd, Crated, and ready to drop in, fire up and go have fun or buy select parts in a kit form and build it yourself. We're here to service your speed needs.

Could this be the new RRE test vehicle? Has our decal above the fender.