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Here's some of my accomplishments from 16 years ago!!

Rex Gibson's King Street 455 - 87 dyno sheet

Our astounding King Street series of Pontiac

engines are the first of their kind. Bruce designed

a high velocity - high torque intake port configuration

that works in harmony with his camshaft profiles that redefines

the old edict, “Pontiac low end torque.” Graph below is Dennis Ryncarz's

King Street 455-87. At 3000 rpm it's already making 548 lbs. ft. (!)

At 4300 rpm it's making 621 lbs. ft.

These street engines

are exactly that. STREET engines with an idle you'll love. And more

importantly they run on the cheapest pump gas available.

If you don't understand how, we're here to answer your questions.

We're the only modern Pontiac engine combination

designers in the world.

The red line is the torque. Blue line is the horsepower. Green line is fuel flow.

An amazing amount of torque for a street

engine. Bruce’s one of a kind design makes

a monster torque curve. An attempt

by a Pontiac magazine project engine with a

much bigger cam (268 @ .050) and 1.65 rockers still couldn’t

match Bruce's King Street horsepower or torque.

The above two engines used Bruce's custom profiled small 240's at .050

hydraulic roller cams and 1.5 ratio rockers. That's right.

Look at those sheets again and think about how amazing that is.

Shift this engine at 5500 rpm and go 11.20's at 118 mph

with a 3:70 geared 3400 pound street car.

Affordable modern Pontiac power.

How do they look? See some options here - Pictures

Here's the answer to the question,

What if you raise the compression to use 91 octane?

Presenting Bruces King Street 455-91

Travis Ingram in Phoenix, Az owns this King.

Travis wanted a killer pump gas engine and wanted Bruce to

profile a solid roller street cam to ensure mid to low ten second

E.T.'s without nitrous. He has a hot '65 GTO street machine. Bruce profiled a 270's at .050

with .630 lift. Check this King Street out. Six hundred and fifty horsepower

at 6100 rpm and look how wide that torque curve is.

You've never seen anything like it. Even the new 572 Bowtie lags

behind our King Street 455. (Ours cost less too.)

Designed for 91 octane.

Does not make more power using higher octane.

Uses our ported Edelbrock heads.

The best working Pontiac heads ever.

(Copy Cats are losing their minds - can't copy us.)

If you want something with less power but just as dependable, we can do that too.

Just call Bruce for a personal, specific quote. 909-370-0389